New App – LiveViewer

Our latest app, LiveViewer, is now available.  You can find it on our website under the download section.

LiveViewer is a user friendly app that lets you monitor your Cambrionix device. It allows you to see how much current each device is drawing, and how long it has been charging for. Your Cambrionix device automatically selects the optimal charging profile. By seeing the current of each device you can verify that an optimal charging profile is being used, more current to the device means the device will charge faster.

On charge and sync devices, you can use LiveViewer to change each individual port mode from Charge to Sync, allowing simultaneous charging and syncing or use the optimized charging-only mode.  You are also able to select specific ports or bulk select them all, to easily change the port status from your computer rather than the Cambrionix unit or the devices themselves.

Screen shot of the LiveView app in use on a Mac.

Screen shot of the LiveView app in use on a Mac.

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