1U Rackmount U8SRA

The 1U Rackmount U8SRA allows you to easily create a USB charging and data syncing solution in a server rack or server room.

Tech Spec

A truly universal and reliable USB-charging component.

What it does:

The 1U Rackmount U8SRA allows you to easily create a USB charging and data syncing solution in a server rack or server room.

This USB hub solution intelligently profiles any attached device and charges each one as per the manufacturer’s specification at up to 2.1amps to all 8 ports simultaneously for safe and quick charging.

It’s compatible with our LiveViewer App, and our API for advanced board programming and automation.

If your project requires device charging and syncing, individual port control, power cycling of devices, to record and monitor power consumption (amps, charging time, total power consumed) or obtain Vendor ID (VID), Product ID (PID) information from a rack mountable solution then this the right product for you!

All of the above functionality can also be automated through our API to save time and add value to your solution.

The 1U Rackmount U8SRA USB hub is future proof as the board has upgradeable firmware to cater for the release of new devices and charging profiles.

When a device is plugged into the series8 it is profiled. When profiled it will start charging.

Each port on all of our USB hubs are tested before leaving the factory to maintain consistently high levels of quality and reliability.

Is it for you?

If you’re looking to charge and sync data to devices that are located in a server room or server rack and need a reliable and cost effective solution, this should be your USB hub of choice.

This unit is very popular for people looking to test mobile apps, software and hardware. What’s more, it’s becoming very popular for testing semiconductor manufacturer’s boards in the Internet of Things domain (IoT).

The intelligent charging, advanced programming and individual port control make this the ideal USB unit to charge and sync anything USB, in any server rack.

If you have larger requirements we can supply this as a 16 port 1U rack and can also manufacture rack mountable solutions to your requirements. For more information please contact us.

Technical Specifications

Product Code:



Charge and Sync

Number of Ports:

8 Ports

Power Supply:

200W internal power supply

Compatible Devices:

Any USB device

Charge per Port:


Control Interface:

Cambrionix API, terminal Command session, SSH, minicom

Charging Method:

Cambrionix Very Intelligent Charging protocol

Delivered as:


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