EtherSync is a network attachable USB charge and sync device that allows USB devices to connect to an Ethernet network. EtherSync is available with multiple USB connections which can be used for peripheral devices, tablets and smartphones.  Like our other products, EtherSync is universal and also offers a full 2.1A to each port.

Instead of using an expensive and vulnerable lap-top to manage your devices, you can use EtherSync anywhere Ethernet is available.

EtherSync enables a host computer to remotely access USB ports. This can be used, for example, to charge and sync tablet devices  in different classrooms from one central location, such as the ICT office. Each classroom would have one or more EtherSync units which is then accessed via Ethernet. This enables remote management of the tablets, which could be centralised to save time in visiting each classroom to perform OS or security updates, or physically moving them all to one location to change content.

EtherSync is not just designed for education. Health, retail or any other organisation could reduce costs and time by managing their USB devices remotely.

EtherSync will enable the remote management of tablets using existing, familiar tools such as iTunes and Configurator.

As with all Cambrionix products EtherSync comes with fully supported software and is upgradeable and ‘future proof.’

EtherSync allows you to have remote USB access over the Ethernet to your devices.  EtherSync vastly extends the distance between the host computer and mobile device.  Reliable USB connections are typically 5m or below, EtherSync allows the host computer to be placed anywhere on your LAN.  Each of the 8 ports can provide up to 2.1A simultaneously.  One possible application of EtherSync is in a school environment where the IT staff can remotely manage and update iPads in a trolley from their office rather than having to physically visit each trolley individually.  Another would be the remote management and charging of kiosk devices or point of sale terminals.



For more information, please refer to the EtherSync brochure and for pricing and availability, please email sales on

  • Product Code:  CBRX1132 (enclosed) / CBRX1132-C (component)
  • Functionality: Charge and Sync
  • Number of Ports: 2/4/8 Ports
  • Power Supply: FSP-096-AHAN2
  • Compatible Devices: Universal and Future Proof
  • Charge per Port: 2.1A
  • Control Interface: N/A
  • Charging Method: Cambrionix Very Intelligent Charging protocol
  • Delivered as: Cased Unit

Additional technical specifications are available on request.

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