Home/Office Charging Station

An intelligent 8-port USB Charge Station suitable for home and office use.

The Series8 charger is compatible with any device that requires charging via USB cable. It is compact and stylish and can charge up to 8 devices simultaneously, making it the ideal choice for home or office use.

The intelligent engineering inside ensures that no matter what devices are plugged in, each will receive the correct voltage, delivered at the optimum rate for the device being charged.

The Series8 is a sturdy, mobile device with a single lead, making it the perfect choice to help reduce clutter and cable hazards. The lights on the unit show devices are being charged but can also be switched to an attractive “party mode” during which they become responsive to sounds in the vicinity and flash accordingly.

The Series8 home/office charging station is designed to address the need for charging a wide variety of different devices at the same time within the home, office, retail environments, hotels, and any other area where this would be convenient. Through the use of the micro USB port the firmware within the Series8 can be updated future proofing it against any new devices that will come out.


Getting Started

Just plug the Series8 into a power socket and you are ready to start charging your devices.
When a device is plugged into the series8 it is profiled. When profiled it will start charging.


Party Mode

Touching the Cambrionix logo puts the Series8 into Party Mode. In this mode, the front panel responds to the music you are playing. To return to Normal Mode simply touch the logo again. Devices continue to charge in the background while in Party Mode.



For more information, please refer to the Series8 brochure and for pricing and availability, please email sales on sales@cambrionix.com.

  • Product Code:  Series8 Home/Office Charging Station
  • Functionality: Charge Only
  • Number of Ports: 8 Ports
  • Power Supply: AC
  • Compatible Devices: Universal and Future Proof**
  • Charge per Port: 2.1A (max. 11A in total)
  • Control Interface: Terminal command interface, VCP 115,200 8N1. Shared with USB host port
  • Charging Method: Cambrionix Very Intelligent Charging protocol
  • Delivered as: Packaged Product
  • Additional technical specifications are available on request.
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