Multi-Charger (MC)

The Multi Charger (MC) collection is a group of fixed rate charging devices which facilitate the charging of up to 16 mobile devices simultaneously. They are available as Apple, Android or device-specific variants. The MC range includes 3 variants: the MC16-1.5A, the MC16-2.1A and the MC14-2.4A.

Mobile devices are becoming ever more prevalent in the work place, be it a school, a hospital, an office or even a retail environment.  With an increased deployment of these devices and with staff being encouraged to bring their own devices to work, the issue arises of how to manage them all.

Plugging personal devices into work issued computers, even just to charge them, can cause security issues to arise.  Likewise, cables lying around everywhere are trip hazard and so a health and safety nightmare.  It is for situations like these that the MC collection has been designed.  All of the MC devices are compact, lightweight and easy to use – plug it in straight out of the box and you’re ready to go!  They replace the many bulky power strips and AC adapter bricks commonly used, creating a more streamlined, ergonomic working environment.  Many mobile devices are starting to be sold without AC adapters, just the USB cable.  If you’re going to have to buy a separate charger anyway, why not invest in an MC unit?  In addition, by having a MC unit present, you can charge up to 16 devices from one floor socket, ensuring there’s everyone can charge their devices at once.

The MC devices are easy to mount on a wall or secure to a desk.  This means that in an office environment, one could be secured in the center of a bank of desks for the staff to use.  It can create a central point for devices to be charged.  If the devices are issued from the organization and need charging there overnight, it makes it easier for the IT staff to keep track of where all of the devices are.


The MC16-1.5A can provide up to 1.5A to each of the 16 ports. This is suitable for smaller mobile devices such as phones, MP3 players, GoPro cameras and  Sat Navs.



The MC16-2.1A, as the name suggests, can provide a full 2.1A to each of its 16 ports. This device is aimed at larger devices such as tablets.



The MC14-2.4A has 14 ports and is able to provide 2.4A per port. This makes it perfect for power-hungry mobile devices such as the latest iPads which can charge quicker at a higher charge rate.



For more information, please refer to the MC brochure and for pricing and availability, please email sales on

  • Product Code:  CBRX1022
  • Functionality: Charge Only
  • Number of Ports: up to 16 Ports
  • Power Supply: variant specific
  • Compatible Devices: variant specific
  • Charge per Port: up to 2.4A per port
  • Control Interface: N/A
  • Charging Method: Set profile
  • Delivered as: Cased Unit

Additional technical specifications are available on request.

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