Rack Mounted USB Hub

In some circumstances a desktop product or component is not the perfect solution. In many test environments a rack mounted product may better suit your needs. Cambrionix are able to create rack mounted versions of our components to better suit this environment. Our products can fit neatly into a 1U rack, creating a great server mounted solution.

Cambrionix Rack Mounted USB hubs are an excellent way to manage USB devices in an industrial or professional environment. Our rack mounted hub gives you all the the features of a standard USB hub with the addition of the Cambrionix Monitoring and control. Each port can be monitored individually as well as turned off and on. This is ideal for applications that want to know the amount of power a device is consuming and powercycling devices. Cambrionix provides an easy to use API or simple GUI to control these advanced hub features. Each hub port can supply upto 2.1Amps per port which is ideally for power hungry devices. Our hubs and API are cross platform including Linux, OSX, and Windows.

Rack mounted USB hub via Ethernet (Ethersync)

Rack mounted Ethersync provides all the advanced features of the traditional Cambrionix hub, but with an Ethernet Interface. Over the Ethernet Interface we can tunnel USB traffic from multiple hosts. The host driver supplied enables users to select which port or ports of the hub they would like to remotely access. That port then, via the Cambrionix USB over IP driver appears on the local machine as a USB port, so existing software never needs to know the USB port is actually remote to the host machine. The selection of port can be done via the GUI or the API. Ethersync provide for multiple users to remotely access a range of USB devices which might be ideal for test environments, remote device management and monitoring. The API also provides a remote measurement of power consumption on a per port bases as well as the ability to turn ports off and on. Turning ports on and off provides an ideal way to power cycle USB device as well.

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