SyncPad54 – 54 port Large Capacity Data Duplicator

Yes, probably the largest port count hub in the world, an engineering masterpiece. Simply connect the SyncPad54 to your host computer to see your attached devices appear. The SyncPad54 works as a giant USB hub for data transfer. If you have information that you need to transfer to a large number of devices the SyncPad54 will save an enourmous amount of time and hassle. Just imagine transferring information 1 device at a time! Simply drag and drop, utilise existing software (such as Apple Configurator) or your own software package to transfer data from the host to the attached devices. Whether you are uploading Apps or eBooks onto iPads for students, updating tour guides on an iPod touch or android tables, uploading new product lines to your in-store customer facing POS devices or transferring content to 000’s of memory sticks the SyncPad54 offers you a reliable and high volume usage solution. The SyncPad54 comes as a finished product ready to use out of the box. It utilises a laptop style PSU and is fully enclosed. If you have 2 USB ports on your host computer you can even use two devices at the same time, creating 108 ports for use. To avoid devices running out of power whilst data transfer is in operation the SyncPad54 delivers 500mA’s power to each and every port. This gives the user added reassurance that each and every operation is carried out successfully. Sold as a modular unit the SyncPad54 can be supplied with the following options:
  • Main Board with USB2.0 connectors to accept other USB products using the standard USB A-Type connector.
  • A fully enclosed unit, bare PCB board solution, or 19” rack mounted product.
  • Pre-approved power supply to allow the hub to perform reliably when used continuously.
  • Cables are available in various lengths to connect the hub to your USB devices.
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Primarily for mass data duplication on to memory sticks or other devices.  This 54 port unit acts as a large hub for data management.  It can be considered functionally identical to a standard USB2.0 hub but with many more ports. For example the user may attach 54 devices and with one single click of a button sync all devices saving the user time. Ideal for companies requiring multiple device synchronisation.

  • Product Code:  CBRX1123
  • Functionality: Sync Only
  • Number of Ports: 54 Ports
  • Power Supply: FSP180-AHAN2 or PowerPax SW4043F
  • Power Supply input voltage: 100-240V-AC
  • Compatible Devices: Universal
  • Charge per Port: 0.5A
  • Control Interface: N/A
  • Charging Method: N/A
  • Delivered as: Bare Board or fully encased.
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