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August 23, 2020

Introducing our new API.

The new API has been built from the ground up in cross platform C++ and is fully JSON-RPC compliant. It’s been designed to perform and provides a solid platform for future application development

Learn more about the new features in our blog here.

Faster than ever.

Up to 200x faster. 

Easy detection.

Detect when a device is attached without opening each device.
USB Tree information easily available.

Transition made smooth.

Demo scripts supplied for major features.
Existing API scripts just work,  without modification.

Latest technology supported.

Windows Thunderbolt support added and multiple fixes.
Additional feature improvements for USB3 and Thunderbolt.


As well as the new enhancements and fixes mentioned above, there are a few extra features our software engineers added.

Find out more about these below.


This will allow you to quickly query for all devices attached to any Cambrionix managed USB hub without the need to individually connect to and query each and every hub and ask them for a port listing.

This is made possible because the new API has a much more thorough internal USB scanner. Once the USB tree is created internally, it was a trivial matter to see where hubs are and what's on them.

While this alone can't tell you details like current usage etc, it can tell you manufacturer, port number, which hub its on etc.

There's an example script included that'll show you how to use find in fun ways, such as cbrx_find("i(Phone|Pad|Pod)"). You can search for VIDs, or VID/PID pairs. Or just return everything with a "." match.

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