Scale to meet your needs.

Our USB hubs enable you to scale, by connecting large numbers of devices while delivering high speed data transfer and syncing and charge.


Scalability example

If you wish to synchronise more than 15 devices, multiple USB hubs can be connected together with (either in a star topology or daisy-chained) to allow more mobile devices, tablets etc to be managed from a single host computer simultaneously.

This enables you to sync (data transfer) information to multiple end devices using multiple USB hubs, all controlled from one single host computer.

Connect up to 96 mobile devices and tablets.
Test more real devices in less time.

Understand your users better and be able to undertake more tests . Our hubs give you more time to produce and evaluate.


Daisy-chaining is a wiring scheme in which multiple devices are wired together in sequence.

In order to daisy-chain multiple USB hubs, each industrial USB hub needs to be connected to mains power individually and the first USB hub in the chain should be connected to the local computer through the USB hub's “host port”.

The host port of the next USB hub  in the daisy-chain is then connected to any of the first USB device's downstream USB ports. You can then add more USB hubs to the chain in the same way.

Using this daisy-chain approach, in this USB hub example, a maximum of four additional industrial USB hubs can be linked, allowing a total of 71 devices to be synced from a single host computer.

Star topology

Alternatively, a star topology can be used, which allows up to 85 devices to be synced from a single computer.

In this arrangement, the first device is attached in the same way, connecting the device host port to the computer’s USB port.

Thereafter, five additional device can be attached to the downstream USB ports of the first device by their host ports as shown below.

Safe, reliable charging

Our products are independently tested.
Certification and safety standards are incredibly important with electrical products.

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