5 Smart Ways Mobile Device Management Can Transform Technology

In recent years technological advancements have driven the demand for mobile devices to be used alongside technology.

A complete mobile device management solution can manage devices running on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS Blackberry OS and Chrome OS. With development in enterprise mobility management, several MDM solutions also support Windows 10 and IoT devices


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August 12    3 min read



We all need to feel safe in any walk of life and mobile device management software can ensure that your employees are taking the necessary security steps on their personal and company devices by coordinating security provisions.

Through mobile device management you can also configure devices to protect personal and business data and to remotely lock lost or stolen devices, taking away the worry of all your data being in the hands of the wrong people.


While time savings certainly translate directly to cost savings, especially when considering the salaries for IT managers or fees for IT service providers, MDM also delivers direct cost savings when factoring in data usage. MDM can ensure that devices under management have app usage restrictions, saving on data costs.

For example, a company can restrict access to apps like Netflix or other streaming services, which consume a great deal of data.

Such control features also ensure that employees are only using applications you’ve approved in advance.


Registered devices are automatically configured with corporate connectivity settings, email profiles, and device-specific restrictions with a few clicks.
 You can also instantly connect over corporate Wi-­Fi and VPN profiles. You have secure access to business email and you can deploy enterprise apps via an enterprise app store. Whereas your previous, singular device may have not had the capability to do all the above, with a group of managed devices, this is automatic, and each device is the same as the other unless specified.


This enables employees to quickly enrol their mobile devices and desktops in MDM through a seamless setup process as soon as they are powered on. This eases concerns over privacy and this can be tightened furthermore with clear, easy­-to­-read policy guidelines for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10. 



This gives authorised users secure access to business resources without requiring them to re­-enter passwords, manually establish VPN, or other disruptive tasks. 
It is possible to prevent 'man­-in-the­-middle' exploits that put your security and data at risk. 
This is another way that MDM can transform your technology by taking away the manual nature of previous incarnations of systems and processes. This saves us time, money and a whole lot more.

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