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Cambrionix products can actively affect your workplace productivity in a positive way. In this blog article we look at the benefits we can offer to the healthcare industry. 

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October 28    3 min read

Cambrionix Healthcare Solutions


The healthcare industry is developing into an even more complex environment. This includes many roles, locations, devices, and applications that are imperative to the running of successful healthcare sites. Many industry leaders are now challenged to manage these complexities while maintaining security and efficiency.

In these uncertain times, it’s vital to have strong strategies in place, only then are we able to meet the increasing demands of a complex industry. There are many layers of responsibility when it comes to technology in healthcare and as the industry grows more and more complex, it is important that the technology used, runs smoothly and effectively with clear parameters with reliability at the heart of decisions made. 


Within the new strands of technology, the modular charging station is a technology solution that can hold the new levels of introcate products together. With features including charging, monitoring and syncing devices, ModIT really is the complete solution. 


ModIT has been designed for ease of use and can easily fit into any medical environment. The system has been designed with integrated antimicrobial technology which works to continually minimise the presence of microbes. 


 It is a complete solution, this means that it can be plugged in and installed in a wide range of locations and arranged in a configuration that suits multiple locations. This could be rack or wall mounting the system, having it arranged on a desk or even a worktop which fits your business environment.


The speed of charging and data transfer reduces downtime of devices, meaning staff and patients can have access to a device more of the time. The Modules can charge devices using up to 2.4A per port and can push data through at speeds up to 5Gbps. This would mean your devices are updated and charged with the fastest connections available


Using ModIT allows you to connect your staff with their devices. They can use RFID cards with the inbuilt RFID reader to select a device and unlock the device storage, the easily visible LED’s are colour coded so you can see the device status at a glance reducing any need to be tech savvy when picking a device.


Another of the many exciting things about the ModIT charging station is its ability to take your hubs to the next level, and let your development staff integrate software or apps that connect with our hubs. This allows you to build connectors for controlling workflow, including features such as accessing data of all connected devices, managing event logs, operating gates, fetching the USB Tree info, restarting devices, and more. This is not just a simply plug in and wait, but is a sophisticated product that will take time to master because it is so multi-faceted. Getting started couldn’t be simpler, you select the modules that work best for you and build the system with us. Once you have received the module you can then put in whatever host system you want to use whether that is Apple, Windows or an other system. Once plugged in it is ready to go, and it is as simple as plugging your devices in and running whatever software you currently use (if you don’t have any current software we are more than happy to discuss your options).

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