CEO OF VMWARE gets a demo of some ‘POWERED BY CAMBRIONIX’ hardware

September 20, 2017

One of our partners, GroundControl, recently attended the VMWorld 2017 exhibition and witnessed the CEO of VMWare (Pat Gelsinger) getting a demo of some hardware which incorporates Cambrionix modules.

The hardware in question is an iPad device manager by another one of our Partners, Datamation Systems Inc. The iPad device manager, Model # DS-MDM-SC-16U/iPad, can be seen towards the end of the demonstration.

Whilst Datamation have provided the robust hardware, GroundControl have provided their excellent (and also robust) iOS management software which offers such features as ‘Self-Heal’ for iOS devices which would otherwise have to take a trip to the IT Department. GroundControl also leverages the Cambrionix API for in depth control and monitoring of the connected iOS devices.

More information about the Datamation Systems iPad device manager can be found here and more information regarding GroundControl Healthcare software can be found here.

Well done to all at Datamation and GroundControl for bringing to market such a highly respected healthcare essential for modern hospitals.

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