M1 Mac Compatibility

Cambrionix finished products, including the ThunderSync, SuperSync, PowerPad and ModIT range, are currently fully compatible with the latest Apple M1 Mac hardware once our latest firmware and fix are applied. That said, rarely, where multiple Cambrionix products are daisy-chained together, some Apple iOS/iPadOS mobile devices may not appear within Apple Configurator software on first connection to a host Mac M1 computer. In this instance, the affected mobile device(s) should be disconnected and reconnected manually. This resolves the issue and the mobile device(s) will then be visible within Apple Configurator.

To clarify, the ThunderSync, SuperSync, PowerPad and ModIT products, used singly, have had no customer reports of the behaviour above which only applies when daisy-chaining multiple Cambrionix finished products.

The root cause of this behaviour is linked to a MacOS software module related to USB and we expect this to be rectified by Apple in a future MacOS update/release. In the meantime, we have a temporary workaround which we recommend customers apply to all Cambrionix products in lieu of an official MacOS update. This issue does not affect Intel based Mac/Windows computers.

We have implemented workaround within our firmware which should alleviate any connection issues that may arise this is available on firmware version 1.85 onwards. There is a “stagger” option within the NVRAM settings which will be turned on as default.

If the default is not turned on, as you have other NVRAM settings currently in place, then you can follow the below steps to make the changes via command lines. Alternatively, you can go into the advanced settings of the hub and make the change within the NVRAM settings.

In LiveViewer you can enter commands by going to the “Script” section on the left hand side of the screen and then change the input method on the top right to “Hub’s command line”

Enter the following commands one after the other and press “RUN”


settings_set stagger 3000