What is Provisioning Utility?

Provisioning Utility is a native macOS utility designed to automate large-scale iPhone or iPad deployments. When this is used with a Cambrionix hub, it can deliver effective provisioning workflows for users.

Benefitting employees in industries such as Healthcare, Retail, and many more, the simple solution can configure an iPhone or iPad for their use. If we take a frontline worker, for example, at the end of their working day, they can simply and easily dock their iPhone or iPad back to the Cambrionix hub station which, when used with Provisioning Utility can automatically refresh the device for the next user.

Apple Professional Services

Apple Professional Services coaches you through successfully deploying Apple devices in your organisation for both one-to-one and shared-device deployments. Experienced project managers and engineers work with you at your location or remotely, leveraging their knowledge of deploying at scale to help you scope, prepare and enable your environment. As soon as you’re ready to deploy device settings and content with your MDM solution, Apple’s customisable deployment services help you pre-configure Mac, iPad and Apple TV so you can get them into the workplace quickly.


With Provisioning Utility you can easily and fully automate an initial iPhone or iPad, as well as provision workflow, and also update those devices in the field when required.

Provisioning Utility ships with many actions that you can assemble—like building blocks—to automate the following:

• Enrollment/re-enrollment in Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, and your mobile device management (MDM) solution

• Wi-Fi access, device updates, device wipes

• Digital asset tagging

• Device health-check/self-healing workflows


Apple Professional Services combines new technologies with onsite and remote services to help you:

• Fully automate a zero-touch workflow

• Minimize configuration errors

• Accelerate deployment

• Efficiently manage devices and data

• Increase rollout efficiency

• Perfect for retail, hospitality, healthcare, food service, field service, government, airlines, and financial services

• Facilitate migration to a new device and/or new MDM solution

How does this work alongside Cambrionix

Using a Cambrionix Thundersync product, Provisioning Utility allows users to manage workflow, clear data, provide updates, and much more, whilst charging your devices. 

The ThunderSync product supports all standard Provisioning Utility functionality, plus adds specific support for getting port numbers for attached devices and toggling LEDs based on the current state of the device (in process, succeeded, failed).

This provides optimised levels of productivity within your business. 

For an up-to-date list of Provisioning Utility compatible products from Cambrionix, please get in touch.

Apple Professional Services

Please note that Apple's Mobile Device Automation engagement is required; which can be purchased separately from Apple or an Apple authorized reseller.