Introducing LiveViewer

August 24, 2020

Introducing our new app: LiveViewer

LiveViewer isn’t a ‘next version’. LiveViewer is new.

LiveViewer simplifies mobile device data and information. Developed by Cambrionix for smart USB hubs LiveViewer is the best software for local mobile device monitoring and managing you smart USB hubs and charging stations. Built on our new API in a fresh new graphical interface, which is ideal for a simple view of what’s happening with the devices.

When we first launched LiveViewer early last decade, things were a lot different than they are now. Lots of new devices and products have been launched with more Apple and Android devices on the marketplace than ever before. All this to say, the landscape in which LiveViewer was operating was very different. That’s why we incredibly excited to be launching this brand new LiveViewer.

The new fresh LiveViewer App has been built from the ground up so that the technology that underpins it doesn’t rely on infrastructure that was created when we started out. This GUI App takes all the data available from our new API (which also needs to be installed) in a graphical interface, which is ideal for a simple view of what’s happening with the devices.

This version of LiveViewer will be free forever. We will be launching a LiveViewer Pro version packed full of new features and will be delighted to share more information about that product in the coming weeks.  

How can I download LiveViewer?

Right here at the bottom of the page.  Our website no longer requires an account to access software, just enter your email address to ensure you receive the latest updates and away you go.

What does this mean for your existing Cambrionix website accounts?

Your existing account will remain the same and you can continue to use that account to order products in the short-term.

How LiveViewer works

Understand important phone data and performance. 

Quickly see the device's battery health, capacity, IMEI numbers and more.  

LiveViewer Battery Health and IMEI data
LiveViewer Software Monitor USB hub health
Monitor the hub's performance

Easily see the current key data and USB smart hub information. 

You are in control. 

Collate all devices data into one visual dashboard. Filter devices by name or type and even rename the hubs to fit in with your needs

LiveViewer Visual Device Management

[ Download LiveViewer today ]

Get free access to our software here. Don't forget to download the API at the same time.

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