ModIT: The ultimate, customisable solution for mobile charging

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 The ultimate, customisable solution for mobile charging to grow your business


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October 14  5 min read

ModIT: The ultimate, customisable solution for mobile charging

Whatever the size and scale of your business, our highly customisable, modular charging station ModIT is designed to work however suits you best.
ModIT is a smart docking and charging station for mobile phones allowing you to charge, monitor and deploy mobile devices at scale within your organisation with easy operation and secure access.

Comprising two main sections, the boss unit and the charging bay, ModIT is modular and highly connective, allowing you to charge, provision and sync a shared pool of iOS mobile devices simultaneously.

The boss unit is compatible with which whichever hardware device you prefer to use to control your station – Mac, Raspberry Pi, PC, anything goes. It features a large, clear LCD screen giving you quick and easy control over the operation of the station, and monitor and manage any connected devices. Finally, it features an RFID reader, allowing you to very simply manage who is checking the different devices in or out of the charging station.

ModIT lets you store, charge and sync up to 16 iPhones in the self-contained smart USB hub modular charging and docking station, making it easier for you to manage and use large numbers of shared mobile phones – regardless of the model or differing sizes of device.
It’s even possible to automate device provisioning in order to lower support costs and drive efficiency, thanks to the Provisioning Utility capability.

A solution to grow with your business

One of the most popular features of the ModIT charging and docking station is its ability to grow with your business. If you need to add more devices, or a tablet module or different USB connector module, that’s no problem. Plus you have the peace of mind of a helpful team of experts on hand to guide you in expanding your system as your business needs evolve.

These units can be stacked, racked, attached to the wall or simply placed on a desk, providing simple storage and accessibility. They also feature configurable LEDs, a simplified cable management system and are even designed with integrated anti-microbial technology for healthcare settings.

Cambrionix ModIT charging and docking stations are already being used to great effect in a huge range of global sectors, including healthcare, education, development and testing, hospitality, retail, manufacturing and enterprise.
The more reliant organisations become on mobile device deployment for employee, customer and user experience, as well as data integration and operational efficiency, the greater the need for scalable charging and provisioning solutions.

We are proud to play a small part in making these sector advances possible through reliable, high-quality, high speed technology that goes beyond anything that has been made available before.

Find out more about the ModIT docking and charging station: Smart mobile phone charging station Cambrionix - ModIT

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