Cambrionix Industrial USB Hubs. Designed for software development. Manage mobile devices with our USB hubs.

We’re hiring! – Engineering Manager

This exciting new role is responsible for managing and growing the Engineering department.This exciting new role is responsible for managing ...
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Cambrionix helps Bridgeway with Phones for Patients Initiative

Cambrionix today announced that it is proud to be supporting Phones for Patients - a major new initiative, developed by ...
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Faster, cheaper, more accurate mobile QA with managed industrial USB hubs

Discover how managed USB hubs can accelerate delivery of your apps. In a recent mobile app testing survey, 84 percent ...
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LiveViewer2 mobile device monitoring software


Introducing LiveViewer2 [ BETA release ]

Recreated and built from the ground up for 2020. This GUI takes all the data ...
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Series8 support ends

Series 8. Software Support Ends.

The Series8 product was discontinued from our range in 2018 and as a general rule we usually only offer software ...
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API Beta Release

API beta release. Try it here first.

Manage our USB hubs with our open API. Take your hubs to the next level by allowing your development staff ...
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API Features

API blog. Find out more about the features of our new API

The new API has been built from the ground up in cross platform C++ and is fully JSON-RPC compliant. It’s ...
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Cambrionix ThunderSync2-16. 16 Port industrial USB 2 Thunderbolt USB Hub. Scalability up to 96 mobile devices.

Understand the three simple reasons why you should consider using our managed hubs for mobile device testing.

In a recent mobile app testing survey, 84 percent of QA organisations said they need to test on real devices ...
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National Software Testing Conference

Cambrionix experts educating at national software testing conference

Managed USB hub experts Cambrionix are delighted to be speaking at the National Test Conference taking place next week at ...
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Brand refresh

Brand refresh

We are rolling out a Brand Refresh. We haven't had a Brand Refresh since its launch over 10 years ago, ...
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Cambrionix USB Hubs for public services, financial services and government.

Complete data management & control

More productivity, saving you valuable time.Cambrionix provides three interfaces to allow you to monitor and manage your mobile devices and ...
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Cambrionix USB Hubs for restaurant, retail and hospitality sectors.

Considering mobile devices for retail and hospitality?

Optimising mobile devices in retail and hospitality.Tablets and mobile devices are changing the world of retail.Restaurants, hotels and the retail ...
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