8 ports | Ethernet | USB 2.0 | 2.1A (10W) per port | Charge & Sync | Desktop

USB over IP. Remote monitoring and management of mobile devices.

Quiet and compact with an incredibly small footprint on your desk.

Mobile and tablet device management over Ethernet.

Communicate and charge your USB devices from across your company network.

Up to 8 mobile devices can be charged and managed.

Multiple EtherSyncs can be daisy chained to connect more devices as needed.

Up to 2.1A (10W) per port


8 USB 2.0 ports with IntelligentCharge and Manage.


Remote management
of mobile devices.

Share your USB devices over Gigabit Ethernet network and keep them all charged, regardless of device type or manufacturer, with 2.1A (10W) IntelligentCharge universal-charging per port.


Remote control. 

EtherSync does not require a local computer to connect USB devices to the network which is great for connecting to remotely distributed devices in applications such as hospitality, retail, and law enforcement agencies.

Communicate with your USB devices from anywhere on your local network while keeping devices charged using our IntelligentCharge universal charging protocol.

EtherSync is supplied pre-configured with a MAC address and strong, unique admin password. A WebMin interface for further configuration of EtherSync features is available.

Updating the EtherSync firmware is quick and can be performed locally with an SDCard or remotely over the Ethernet network.

Space-saving design.

No compromise.
Small and silent is beautiful.

Incredibly small designed product.

Ideal for desktop, under desks, counters and tables, inside cabinets etc.


Scale to meet your needs.

Tens or even hundreds of EtherSyncs can be daisy chained to be able to charge, sync and monitor large numbers of devices.

EtherSync has an onboard Gigabit Ethernet switch which allows you to connect additional devices such as printers, POS terminals, card readers etc.


Power with control.

Cambrionix USB hubs auto-detect attached devices and automatically adjust the current output to the highest level permitted by the device manufacturer and USB specifications.

If the charging device supports USB Battery Charging V1.2 and charging downstream port (CDP), high current charging during syncing is supported.

Our intelligent charging algorithm can be updated to support new devices and charging protocols, ensuring your Cambrionix hub keeps up with market changes.


Safe, reliable charging.

Cambrionix products are independently tested for safety and emissions.

EtherSync has ESD, over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection.



More productivity,
saving you time.

Device management made simple.

Working independently to the OS you can Charge, Connect, Manage and monitor the state of all ports and attached devices using our LiveViewer App, CLI instructions or our proprietary Cambrionix API.

Device ID and serial numbers can be associated with port number and charging data to reveal how much charge each device has received, whilst switching between charging and syncing modes.

Cambrionix on any device

Any Device, Any Operating System
Cambrionix products are perfect for…

All common operating systems
Most mobile device management packages
Most mobile devices and platforms supported

Exactly where you need it.

Any situation where you need 8 devices charged reliably.

Remote charging, connecting, and managing of iOS and Android devices.

Secure, headless connection to mobile devices such as body-worn cameras.

Remotely update device content from back-office locations.

Applications where a reliance on WiFi is not acceptable (law enforcement, hospitality, retail, military, healthcare).

Digital signage and point of sale terminals.


Input Voltage:                          12Vdc

Input Current:                          8A

Input Connection:                  4-pin DIN

Output Voltage:                      5.2V

Output Current:                      2.1A Max per Port

Output Power (Total):           87.36W

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Contact us to find out more about how our solutions can help you remotely monitor and manage mobile devices and tablets across your business. 

Everything you need, all in one place

Software & User Guide

A seamless API and App to manage devices and control ports.

Futureproof devices with updatable firmware.