Modular Charging Station

Charge IT, Connect IT, Manage IT, Store IT... [ ModIT ]

Tap, Grab, Go.

An even smarter way to manage mobile devices

The new charging station from Cambrionix is a compact, customisable mobile device charging, storing station, and management system that is packed with the features you need right now, and in the future.

It's your choice of location:
Stackable, rack-mountable, fix to a wall, store on a desk.

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We make productivity.

Compact Charging
Space saver – efficiently charge 16 devices from one socket in a small footprint cabinet.

Safety built in
UL listed, ensuring the highest level of safety, keeping devices safely charged.

Partner with software, Mobile Device Management (MDM),
and operating systems you already use.

The power of modular
Expand and scale the system to your needs. Stack multiple storage or docking units together to charge, store and manage multiple devices. 

Connecting Multiple Modules Together

Maintain and manage. Easier
Added technology and features:

- Manage up to 96 devices with one manage module
- Connect to a computer to sync and transfer data to mobile devices.

Designed to fit in
Works with MacOS, Windows and Linux. 


Simple Storage
A simple storage, charging and syncing station solution.

Enough space for devices with or without protective cases.

Security when you need it
Securely store devices with central locking key.