MultiCharger16 1.5A

16 ports | USB 2.0 | 1.5A (7.5W) | Desktop | Charge only

Reliable and safe desktop charger in a compact unit. Providing 1.5 Amps per port, the MultiCharger 16-1.5A is designed to charge BC1.2 compliant devices. Independent safety testing ensures worry-free charging. Each of the 16 ports is equivalent of a 7.5w charger – on its own. Also available MultiCharger14 2.1A and MultiCharger16 2.1A  

Up to 16 mobile devices can be charged at
their optimum charging rate.

Up to 1.5A (7.5W) per port


Space-saving design. 

No compromise. Small and quiet is beautiful.

Incredibly small design product

Whisper quiet - Low db rate.

Designed for your busy desk, coming in at under 200mm in length and 73mm wide.


Just as much power as you need.

A charger with brains. Cambrionix IntelligentCharge - auto-detects attached devices and self-adjusts its output to the perfect level for each charging device individually and simultaneously and shuts off when charged.

Reliable and efficient speed.
The MulitCharger16-1.5 offers 16 USB ports each pre-configured – ideal for many mobile and small tablet devices.

It’s designed to charge BC1.2 DCp supporting devices, which is compatible with the vast majority of Android devices and some Apple devices.

With this relatively low current (1.5 Amp) this isn’t recommended for large tablet devices.


Safe, reliable charging.

Cambrionix products are safety tested by the independent Underwriters’ Laboratory and are certified under file #E346549.

This USB hub provides ESD, over-voltage, 
over-current and over-temperature protection.

  • Complies with EN60950 safety requirements for IT equipment
  • Is CE Tested and marked
  • Has a CB Certificate
  • Is FCC Part 15 tested and marked
  • Is RoHS Compliant
  • Pending Chinese CCC and Japanese PSE certification

2-year warranty.

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Software & User Guide

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