54 ports | USB 2.0 | 0.5A (2.5W) | 480Mbps | Desktop | Sync

Highly compact 54 port USB 2.0 hub, providing
2.5 Watts charge power per port and up to 480Mbps data transfer speed available.

Ideal for large scale data transfer to low-power USB devices (such as card readers, flash drives, USB sticks, e-readers, etc) which do not require high-current charging.

The SyncPad54 is not compatible with our software (LiveViewer, API or via CLI) and does not offer port control or monitoring.

SyncPad54 54 port USB 2 hub

Large Scale
Up to 54 USB devices can be charged and synced simultaneously.

0.5A (2.5W) charging per port.


Transfer data seamlessly.
Ideal for smaller files.
With 480Mbps USB 2.0 connection, each port can transfer data at the USB 2.0 High Speed rate (although not altogether).


Reliable and efficient.

Ideal for large scale data transfer to low-power USB devices
(such as flash drives, USB sticks, e-readers, etc).

Supplied with 12V/180W power supply.


SyncPad54 makes it possible to mix connected device types, ensuring pain-free data transfer to each connected device. Multiple regulators and data clocks ensure excellent jitter performance and data integrity. 

Space-saving design.
No compromise.

Small and quiet is beautiful.

Design optimised to minimise its desktop footprint with whisper quiet performance.

Simple syncing.

The SyncPad54 works independently to the Operating System (OS) and can transfer data on all common operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Chromebook and Microsoft. Many versions of Linux are also supported.

When transferring data, connect the SyncPad54 to your host computer and any devices connected to it will appear as if they were connected to the computer’s USB port. 

Reliable and efficient transfer data speed.

USB 2 Hi-Speed.  480Mbps host connection.

Ideal for smaller files or adding the same data and information to large numbers of flash drives, USB sticks, hotel cards and want to speed up processes. 

This makes it ideal for events and exhibitions or anyone using USB memory sticks, thumb drives, flash drives etc.

480Mbps - USB20%
10 %

Safe, reliable charging.

The Cambrionix SyncPad54 54 port  industrial USB hub provides ESD, over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection.

UL Listed #E346549

Complies with EN60950 safety requirements for IT equipment

CE Tested and marked

CB Certificate

FCC Part 15 tested and marked

RoHS Compliant

Works with iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.

Most mobile device management packages

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