16 ports | Thunderbolt™ 3 | USB 3.2 | 40Gbps | 2.4A (12W) | Rackmount & Desktop | Charge & Sync

Thunderbolt™ to USB 3 (SuperSpeed USB) managed industrial USB hub.

Transfer data to multiple USB devices much quicker than using a standard USB hub. 

Certified Thunderbolt™ 3 industrial USB hub. 

The speed you need. Provides 40Gbps vs 480Mbps for standard hubs.

Up to 96 mobile devices can be charged and managed with two Thunderbolt™ 3 ports for daisy-chaining 6 ThunderSyncs.

Up to 2.4A (12W) charging
per port


16 USB 3 ports with IntelligentCharge and Manage.


Each and every of the 16 ports can achieve transfer USB SuperSpeed of 5Gbps, making light work in transferring huge amounts of data.


Faster, quicker work with Thunderbolt 

Run more. Wait less.

Transfers 5GB files to 16 devices in only 4 minutes (compared to over 40 mins with standard USB 2.0 hub. Safe charging, robust charging.)

Eight times faster than USB 3.

Two times faster than Thunderbolt 2.

32 times faster than standard USB 2.

40Gbps - Thunderbolt 30%
100 %
20Gbps - Thunderbolt 20%
50 %
10Gbps - USB 3.2 Gen 20%
25 %
5Gbps - USB 3.2 Gen 10%
12 %
480Mbps - USB 20%
3 %


Scale to meet your needs.

Daisy chain with other devices to be able to charge, sync and monitor 96 devices.

Up to six ThunderSync3-16s can be daisy-chained to a single host computer, allowing data to be transferred at 5Gbps to over 96 mobile devices.

Guaranteed power. Consistent performance

Unlike other USB 3.2 hubs, if a USB 2.0 device is plugged into this hub, each port will deliver the maximum 480Mbps to each port, whereas other USB 3.2 devices will restrict the total output to 480Mbps, meaning each port will be significantly less.

No endpoint limitation.

Due to its unique design, it has at least 4 times more USB endpoints than a typical host computer. This is a clear benefit for applications which suffer from endpoint limitations when using standard USB hub architectures.

Read more about endpoint limitation. 


Power with control.

Cambrionix USB hubs auto-detect attached devices and automatically adjust the current output to the highest level permitted by the device manufacturer and USB specifications.

If the charging device supports USB Battery Charging V1.2 and charging downstream port (CDP), high current charging during syncing is supported.

Our intelligent charging algorithm can be updated to support new devices and charging protocols, ensuring your Cambrionix hub keeps up with market changes.


Fast data transfer

Not all hubs are created equal

Charge and connect at the same time with Cambrionix managed USB hubs that deliver high-speed charging and syncing.

Find out more about syncing and data transfer with the ThunderSync3-16 managed USB hub. 


Understand. Evaluate.  Peace of mind.

Understand, manage and monitor what each device is doing exactly when you want to.

Proprietary software developed by us, including an API for building your own apps for extra control and integration.

Monitor and manage devices locally or remotely.

Device ID and serial numbers can be associated with port number and charging data to reveal how much charge each device has received, whilst switching between charging and sycning modes.

Safe, reliable charging.

Cambrionix ThunderSync3-16 industrial USB hubs are safety tested by the independent Underwriters’ Laboratory and are certified under file #E346549. ThunderSync3-16 has been granted Thunderbolt™ approval by Apple and Intel’s Thunderbolt™ consortium.

ThunderSync3-16 USB hub provides ESD, over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection. ThunderSync3-16:

  • Complies with EN60950 safety requirements for IT equipment
  • CE Tested and marked
  • CB Certificate
  • FCC Part 15 tested and marked
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Pending Chinese CCC and Japanese PSE certification
  • Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) approved

Cambrionix on any device

Any Device, Any Operating System
Cambrionix products are perfect for…

All common operating systems
Most mobile device management packages
Most mobile devices and platforms supported

Performance. Exactly where you need it.

Any situation you need 16 devices charged reliably via USB 3.2. The ThunderSync3-16 comes into its own when you need to transfer data and manage large numbers of devices. 

Server racks
Compact 19" (inch) 1U enclosure with internal PSU and rear vented thermal management. Complete with secure rack mounting kit.

Robust, removable and adjustable feet on the underside of the unit provide a perfect tilt angle for desktop use are available.

Dimensions (approx.):
305 long x 120 wide

x 85 high mm

Thunderbolt cables in 0.8 and 2m lengths are available separately.

This product offers solutions in...

Mobile device application testing (SQA)
Eliminates bottlenecked data-transfer to 16 mobile devices simultaneously.

Reverse logistics
Do more in less space vs separate stations. Do more in less time vs standard USB hubs.

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Rack-mount kit included as standard.
Desktop feet available separately. 

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Software & User Guide

A seamless API and App to manage devices and control ports.
Futureproof devices with updatable firmware.

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