Discover how managed USB hubs can accelerate delivery of your apps.

Made for creators like you, our managed USB hubs help you create perfect mobile experiences by enabling testing on real iOS and Android devices 24/7 with fast charging and data transfer speeds to increase productivity.

Improved testing.

If you app has bugs, people won't use your app.

You need more real-world feedback to understand your users.
Our managed USB hubs enable you to test more real-devices locally. 

Discover how managed USB hubs can accelerate delivery of your apps.


Not all USB hubs are created equal.

Feature rich to help you create, with a small footprint and efficient charging.

Charge reliably.
A charger with brains

Cambrionix USB hubs auto-detect attached devices and automatically adjust the current output to the highest level available. 

Connect multiple USB hubs

Connect up to 96 mobile devices and tablets.

Test more real devices in less time - our USB hubs enable you to scale, by connecting large numbers of devices while delivering high speed data transfer and syncing and charge.

Manage your USB hub

Understand, manage and monitor what each device is doing exactly when you want to.

Proprietary software developed by us, including an API for building your own apps for extra control and integration.

Charge and Sync

Charge & Sync multiple devices at once without having to rely on an MDM.

Learn more about the unique high-speed charging while syncing

All platforms

Cambrionix on any device.

Any Device, Any Operating System
our industrial USB hubs are designed for platforms.

We work with the latest technology and are an Intel approved Thunderbolt™ developer. 

When speed matters.

Less waiting more doing. Using the fastest ports available our hubs can take your data transfer speeds to the next level.

20Gbps - Thunderbolt 20%
100 %
10Gbps - USB 3.2 Gen 20%
50 %
5Gbps - USB 3.2 Gen 10%
25 %
480Mbps - USB 20%
5 %

Designed for your workspace.
Wherever that is.

On your desk, under your desk , or in a cabinet in a server room. Our industrial USB hubs are designed to fit in neatly wherever you need them to. One less thing to worry about, so you can concentrate on your work.

Safe, reliable charging

Our professional USB hubs, designed for industrial uses are independently tested. for safety and emissions and feature ESD, over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection.

Real-time management and control

With our own simple to use and powerful API makes monitoring each port on our USB hubs easy.

Control and monitor each mobile device and each port via our LiveViewer App and proprietary Cambrionix API.

Global collaborative engineering organisation transforms cutting-edge testing facility with Cambrionix technology
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Discover the range of USB hubs designed for app developers.

ThunderSync2-16 Industrial USB Hub. Thunderbolt


16 ports | Thunderbolt™ 2 | USB 2.0 | 2.4A (12W) | 20Gbps | Desktop | Charge & Sync | Control
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16 ports | Thunderbolt™ 3 | USB 3.2 | 40Gbps | 2.4A (12W) | Rackmount & Desktop | Charge & Sync
See product details


15 ports | USB 3.2 | 2.1A (10W) | 5Gbps | Desktop | Charge & Sync | Control
See product details


15 ports | USB 2.0 | 2.1A (10W) | 480Mbps | Desktop | Charge & Sync | Control
See product details


8 ports | USB 2.0 | 2.1A (10W) | 480Mbps | Desktop | Charge & Sync | Control
See product details
PowerPad15C Industrial USB Hub


15 ports | USB 2.0 | 2.1A (10W) | Desktop | Charge only | Control
See product details


4 ports | Type-C 60Watts | USB 2.0 480Mbps | Desktop | Charge & Sync | Control
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54 ports | USB 2.0 | 0.5A (2.5W) | 480Mbps | Desktop | Sync
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Charging Station

Modular Charging Station

Charge IT, Connect IT, Manage IT, Store IT... [ ModIT ]
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