Embrace the digital transformation in hospitality and retail with Cambrionix 


Focus on your customers, not your device.

Professional mobile device charging and syncing that’s easy to use. 

Managed USB hubs to enable easy management and monitoring solutions.

Digital experiences

In today’s age of endless customer choices and a constantly changing and challenging environment, embracing technology can help you exceed customer expectations, maximise omnichannel capabilities, and boost efficiency, productivity and profitability. 

Our professional USB hubs offer solutions designed to improve the way you work and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Just as much power as you need.

A charger with brains.

Your customers demand a lot from you: great food, friendly staff and a fantastic experience.

Our professional USB hubs auto-detect attached mobile devices and self-adjusts its output to the perfect level for each charging device individually and simultaneously and shut off when charged.

Safety assured.
Our USB hubs feature all the safety certifications you expect and provide ESD, over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection. 


Cambrionix connects the experience.

Our professional USB hubs for charging mobile devices enable you to offer :

  • Offer a consistent and personalised customer experience
  • Improve your operational effectiveness
  • Transform your organisation in line with your customers' needs
  • Take advantage of new technological opportunities to drive profitable growth
  • Maximise your cost savings


Peace of mind.

Understand, manage and monitor who has each device at what time, locally or remotely.

Data erasure for customer confidentiality. 

High speed data transfer.

Proprietary software developed by us.

Helps comply with GDPR privacy regulations as you can identify which device is plugged in when.

Considering mobile devices in hospitality? 

Read our article on the factors you need to consider when looking at implementing digital transformation and mobile devices in your hospitality or retail business and the role professional USB hubs can play.

Safe, reliable charging

Our professional USB hubs, designed for industrial uses are independently tested.

Certification and safety standards are incredibly important with electrical products.

Cambrionix products are independently tested for safety and emissions and feature ESD, over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection.

Cambrionix on any device

Any Device, Any Operating System
our professional USB hubs are perfect for…

All common operating systems
Most mobile device management packages
Most mobile devices and platforms supported

Real-time management and control

With our own simple to use and powerful API makes monitoring each port on our USB hubs easy.

Control and monitor each mobile device and each port via our LiveViewer App and proprietary Cambrionix API.

Datamation Systems, Inc.
Datamation Systems, Inc.
Cambrionix helps US business drive up solution value and competitive advantage.
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Discover our range of professional USB hubs designed for hospitality and retail



15 ports USB 3.2 hub | 2.1A (10W) | 5Gbps | Desktop USB 3 hub | Charge & Sync | Control
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15 ports | USB 2.0 | 2.1A (10W) | 480Mbps | Desktop | Charge & Sync | Control
See product details
Cambrionix PowerPad8s USB hub


8 ports | USB 2.0 | 2.1A (10W) | 480Mbps | Desktop | Charge & Sync | Control
See product details
Cambrionix PowerPad15C USB hub


15 ports | USB 2.0 | 2.1A (10W) | Desktop | Charge only | Control
See product details
PDSync4 Type-C

PDSync-4 (Type C)

4 ports | Type-C 60Watts | USB 2.0 480Mbps | Desktop | Charge & Sync | Control
See product details


54 ports | USB 2.0 | 0.5A (2.5W) | 480Mbps | Desktop | Sync
See product details


8 ports | Ethernet | USB 2.0 | 2.1A (10W) per port | Charge & Sync | Desktop
See product details
Cambrionix MultiCharger MC2.4

MultiCharger14 2.4A

14 ports | USB 2.0 | 2.4A (12W) | Desktop | Charge only
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