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Cambrionix Inside. 

Industrial USB Hubs to Charge, Connect and Manage for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Powering Up Technology

IntelligentCharge and Manage

Solutions to Charge only or Charge and Sync mobile and USB devices, however you deploy it.

Solutions for OEMs

We work with partners to help them create compact, portable storage for all mobile devices and tablets.

Our industrial USB OEM bare board (PCB) hubs work perfectly inside cabinets, cases and carts. Under desks, our counters - keeping the mobile devices charged, synced and always available.


Built around you
and your customers

As a product design company and systems integrator, we can work with you.

Discover what our OEM Design Team can do for you and find out about the possibilities when using professional, industrial USB hubs.

Our partners range from USB charging stations, to cabinet manufacturers and charging stations. Our USB hub experience makes us ideal for those looking for an expert to partner with.  


Join forces with a
world-class leader

Mobile managed device solutions experts.

We’ve been perfecting and providing class-beating OEM USB hub technologies to our partners for a decade.

Our trusted USB technology powers our OEM partners and services deployed to different users of our products. 

We offer a range of USB connections;

  • USB Type A (USB 2, USB 3)
  • USB Type-C (USB 3)


Your one-stop partner

Partner with Cambrionix for managing devices via USB and we’ll offer you everything you need for long-term success.  

  • OEM Integration Consultation
  • Regular Product Updated
  • Documented Roadmaps
  • OEM Technical Support

Safe, reliable charging

Our professional USB hubs, designed for industrial uses are independently tested for safety and emissions. 

Certification and safety standards are incredibly important with electrical products.

Cambrionix products are independently tested for safety and emissions and feature ESD, over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection.

Cambrionix on any device

Any Device, Any Operating System
Cambrionix products are perfect for…

All common operating systems
Most mobile device management packages
Most mobile devices and platforms supported


Just as much power as you need.

A charger with brains. Auto-detects attached devices and self-adjusts its output to the perfect level for each charging device individually and simultaneously and shuts off when charged.


Areas we work in

Some of the areas our USB solutions
deliver results include:

  • Secure storage
  • Cabinets, carts, trolleys
  • Transport cases
  • Transport safely


Security. Peace of mind.

Understand, manage and monitor who has each device at what time.

Our USB hubs enable you to manage your mobile devices easily by offering:

Device ID and serial numbers can be associated with port number and charging data to reveal how much charge each device has received.

  • High speed data transfer.
  • Proprietary software developed by us.
  • Helps you comply with the GDPR privacy regulations by being able to identify which device is plugged in when.
  • Device management made simple. 
    Charge, Connect, Manage and monitor the state of all ports and attached devices using our LiveViewer App, CLI instructions or our proprietary Cambrionix API.

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