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Fast charging and syncing professional, industry USB hubs for mobile software development and quality assurance testing teams.

Our hubs enable you to run tests on real devices and test on the iOS and Android devices your customers use, whether locally in your own test lab or via a cloud-based test lab.

Made for creators like you.

Our innovative USB hub technology makes testing on mobile devices faster and more efficient.

Powerful USB hubs designed to run 24/7. Manage locally or remotely with our API and App.
More devices, less time – shorten processing time with our powerful USB hubs.

Go test and develop with professional USB hubs trusted by the software development industry.

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In a recent mobile app testing survey, 84 percent of QA organisations said they need to test on real devices in order to be successful.

“Without a professional USB hub - I reckon we would need at least another two engineers, just to deal with the USB connectivity issues we used to have to manage."

Dave Piggott
Linaro LAVA Lab


We’ve seen users of USB hubs quote an increase in operational capacity by up to 500% and ultimately reduces real estate and people needed to set up operations centres.


Just as much power as you need.

A charger with brains.

Our USB hubs auto-detects attached devices and self-adjusts its output to the perfect level for each charging device individually and simultaneously and shut off when charged.

Safety assured.
Our professional USB hubs feature all the safety certifications you expect and provide ESD, over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection. 


Cambrionix connects software professionals.

Our industrial USB hubs enable software developers, testing and Quality Assurance to increase efficiency and automate processes, reducing the QA cycle.

Test more real devices in less time.

Understand your users better and be able to undertake more tests . Our hubs give you more time to produce and evaluate.


Understand. Evaluate.  Peace of mind.

Understand, manage and monitor what each device is doing exactly when you want to.

Our USB hubs enable you to scale and deliver high speed data transfer and syncing.

Proprietary software developed by us.

Monitor and manage devices locally or remotely.

Designed for your workspace. Wherever that is.

On your desk, under your desk , or in a cabinet in a server room. Our industrial USB hubs are designed to fit in neatly wherever you need them to. One less thing to worry about, so you can concentrate on your work.

Products designed for
you and your desk. 

With an incredibly small footprint and quiet operating levels, our desktop industrial USB hubs are designed for your busy desk.



The speed you need.
Fast reliable performance.

For QA and testing environments our rack-mount industrial USB hubs are designed to perform.

Faster charging, data transfer for large number of mobile devices.

A range of rackmount industrial USB hubs are available for QA environments.

Safe, reliable charging

Our professional USB hubs, designed for industrial uses are independently tested. for safety and emissions and feature ESD, over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection.

Cambrionix on any device

Any Device, Any Operating System
our industrial USB hubs are designed for…

All common operating systems
Most mobile device management packages
Most mobile devices and platforms supported

Scale for your needs.

If you want to synchronise more than 15 devices, multiple USB hubs can be connected together (either in a star topology or daisy-chained) to allow more mobile devices, tablets etc to be managed from a single host computer simultaneously.

This enables you to sync (data transfer) information to multiple end devices using multiple USB hubs, all controlled from one single host computer.


Real-time management and control

With our own simple to use and powerful API makes monitoring each port on our USB hubs easy.

Control and monitor each mobile device and each port via our LiveViewer App and proprietary Cambrionix API.

Cambrionix Industrial Hubs - Blancco Case Study.
Blancco Technology Group
Cambrionix helps Blancco transform mobile data erasure services for global telcos and US government customers
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Discover the range of USB hubs designed for software developers,
QA and testing environments

ThunderSync2-16 Industrial USB Hub. Thunderbolt


16 ports | Thunderbolt™ 2 | USB 2.0 | 2.4A (12W) | 20Gbps | Desktop | Charge & Sync | Control
See product details
ThunderSync3-16. Industrial USB hubs


16 ports | Thunderbolt™ 3 | USB 3.2 | 40Gbps | Rackmount & Desktop | Charge & Sync
See product details


15 ports | USB 3.2 | 2.1A (10W) | 5Gbps | Desktop | Charge & Sync | Control
See product details


15 ports | USB 2.0 | 2.1A (10W) | 480Mbps | Desktop | Charge & Sync | Control
See product details


8 ports | USB 2.0 | 2.1A (10W) | 480Mbps | Desktop | Charge & Sync | Control
See product details
PowerPad15C Industrial USB Hub


15 ports | USB 2.0 | 2.1A (10W) | Desktop | Charge only | Control
See product details


4 ports | Type-C 60Watts | USB 2.0 480Mbps | Desktop | Charge & Sync | Control
See product details
MultiCharger14 2.4A

MultiCharger14 2.4A

14 ports | USB 2.0 | 2.4A (12W) | Desktop | Charge only
See product details

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