ThunderSync2-16 – End of Life in 2020, information and options for the future

The Times Are A-Changing.

Read more about the end of life of ThunderSync2-16 that is happening in 2020 and your options now, and in the future.  


June 22    4 min read

Evolution of the ThunderSync2-16


After providing extra connectivity and convenience for almost 4 years, Cambrionix ThunderSync2-16 has reached End of Life as the Thunderbolt2 host connection moves to Thunderbolt3 and Intel start phasing out the chips we need.

We know that change can be hard. That’s why, here at Cambrionix, we thought it might be a good idea to answer some of the pressing questions about the Thundersync2-16 situation.

So here is a short Q&A that we thought you might find useful.

What does End of Life (EOL) mean?

Now, we don’t want to sound melodramatic here. We know we’re only talking about machines but sometimes we do get attached to that jumble of wires and metals that can do amazing things.

Unfortunately though, end of life means that we are no longer manufacturing ThunderSync2-16. While the product is still be available for purchase today, once it is sold out, it is gone for good.

I own a Cambrionix ThunderSync2-16 can I still get support if I have questions or issues?

Never fear, Cambrionix ThunderSync2-16 will continue to be supported by our tech support team via phone, email, and social media until the end of the product’s warranty.

All new products come with a 2-year warranty. If you have questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will happily assist you.

All new products come with a 2-year warranty’.

What if my Cambrionix ThunderSync2-16 needs an exchange?

We still have very limited replacement units available if the need arises for an exchange. If your product is under warranty, then please contact support if you need assistance.

What are my product options?

There are currently three options:

1. If you need something right now you could look the ThunderSync3-16 rackmount product as a potential option. This is a 16-port USB3 hub that makes use of Thunderbolt3 connectors. 

Please click here to find out more.

2. A desktop Thunderbolt 3 hub equivalent using the same form-factor and USB2 16-ports later this year.

3. We are also working on a new Thunderbolt3 desktop product that will utilise USB Type-C ports and this is expected in early 2021.

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What if my computer has Thunderbolt2 connectors?

If you’re not planning on upgrading your computer anytime soon, you’ll need a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter to use the latest hubs. This limits the speed to TB2 (due to the host computer having a Thunderbolt2 chip).

Is there anything else you would recommend?

We recommend the Apple version for any MacOS based systems:

You can find these on Apple.

Or on Amazon.

If the time comes when your hardware is upgraded to TB3 ports or you’ve added more Macs to the situation, you wouldn’t need anything further.

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