Charge, Connect and Manage Mobile Devices


Safe, reliable charging

Just as much power as you need - auto-adjusting to optimum high current charging.

Designed for 24/7, 365 continuous use.

Safety built in.
All our enterprise, industrial hubs are UL listed, ensuring the highest level of safety.


Data-transfer reimagined

Managed enterprise USB hubs with the highest connection speeds available.

Scale to meet your needs and connect multiple hubs to any platform, OS or device.

Featuring the latest technology including Thunderbolt™, USB 3 and Type-C.

Thunderbolt™ Standard. This product has been tested by Intel and complies with the relevant standards required to carry the Thunderbolt™ Logo.


Understand. Evaluate. 

Working independently to the OS our intelligent USB hubs offer three interfaces to manage and monitor what each device is doing exactly when and how you want:

1.   Cambrionix API
2.   LiveViewer App
3.   CLI instructions 

Deploy and provision devices easier and faster than before.


Thunderbolt™ 3 to USB 3.2 managed industrial USB hub.

16 ports | Thunderbolt™ 3 | USB-3.2 | 40Gbps | Rackmount & Desktop | Charge & Sync

The only Thunderbolt™ 3 USB hub available. Provides 40Gbps vs 480Mbps for standard hubs.

Making Partnerships

Making Headlines

Making Headlines

Series8 support ends
Series 8. Software Support Ends.
The Series8 product was discontinued from our range in 2018 ...
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API Beta Release
API beta release. Try it here first.
Manage our USB hubs with our APICambrionix Beta API Software ...
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Support for every stage of your journey

We have supplied over
3 million USB ports. 

Factoid: 3 million USB connectors stacked
end-to-end would be longer than
4,500 London buses!

All our products are designed
and built in the UK.

Our products are sold across the world, currently in 52 countries.