When can I expect to receive my order?
Once your ordered has been acknowledged and a delivery date confirmed our warehouse will arrange the shipping. We use a number of couriers and depending on your location delivery is usually from 2-5 working days.

My shipment is being held by customs. What can I do?
The majority of the time the courier will contact you directly if there is an Exception on your shipment. If they haven’t, we can contact our logistics company to push them to contact you to resolve the issue.

Please ensure that your contact details are correct at the time of order in case we need to get in touch.

Can you let me know how much the import fee will be?
The fee is calculated by each country and we will not quote you for this. The amount differs from country to country, and is charged on all sales transactions as a percentage of the value of the goods.

Can Cambrionix pay the import fees to avoid a delivery delay?
These fees are decided by the Customs agency in each country and the importer of the goods is responsible for paying these taxes. Cambrionix is not responsible for these payments. If the shipment is returned to sender due to non-payment, there will be an additional shipping fee for us to re-ship to you.

Why is the courier requesting a payment before delivery even though I have paid for shipping?
The additional fees on deliveries are Customs Duties and Taxes and will need to be paid before your order will be delivered. Cambrionix will charge you for the shipping cost which does not include these fees. Most couriers will leave a card with instructions on how to pay this.

Can you ship worldwide?
Yes we can – we sell the majority of our products to companies outside of the UK, so we are experienced in in all aspects of shipping.

Our warehouse can palletise and ship to anywhere on the globe by land, sea or air.

All of our products are shipped via DAP (Delivery at Place)

Delivery At Place
All charges as well as delivery to the buyer facilities will be arranged by the seller. Customs clearance cost can be arranged by either the seller or the buyer depending on the agreement at the time of the freight booking. Import Duty and Taxes will be paid by the buyer at destination.

We can also ship using your own courier if you prefer.

Arranging your own shipping
If you would like to arrange your own shipping you must:

  • Prepare all labels and documentation for the shipping. For international shipments this includes a commercial invoice which has to be attached for customs clearance. The commercial invoice needs to include a product description and item value.
  • Book a collection with your chosen courier and schedule the collection. The warehouse is open for collection until 5pm GMT.
  • Email the labels and any other paperwork to your sales manager who will forward it on to the warehouse to be attached to your shipment.
  • Please note that if you arrange your own shipping, Cambrionix are not responsible for the loss, damage or delay of any deliveries once collected from our warehouse, and will not be able to liaise with the courier on your behalf

Please note: UPS have now changed a customs value policy for shipping. From the 11th December 2020 all UK orders being shipped internationally will be limited to a (£/$) 50,000.00 commercial value cap.

What does this mean? Any purchase orders over the amount of (£/$) 50,000.00 from Cambrionix will be subject to multiple shipments being generated.

What if it is on my account? Sadly, we are still unable to send single shipments via UPS over the declared value on customers accounts.

What about customs duties and taxes on multiple shipments? The fee is calculated by each country and we will not quote you for this. The amount differs from country to country and is charged on all sales transactions as a percentage of the value of the goods.

What if my order is over (£/$) 100,000.00? A new label will be generated after reaching the declared value of (£/$) 50,000.00.

For example:

(4) separate shipments will be generated if you purchase (£/$) 200,000.00 worth of products from Cambrionix.

What if I want my order all under one shipment? Cambrionix are happy and equipped to ship all products via other carriers. Please see below our approved carrier list –





Product Returns

The individual representative who is completing and submitting this company registration form certifies and warrants being duly authorised with full authority to complete the product return form listed below.

We are happy to offer a refund/exchange for an unwanted item returned within 30 days of receipt.

Please be aware that we must receive returns within 30 days of delivery – this is irrespective of your chosen payment method. Please note that all items must be returned in a saleable condition.

1) Cambrionix Ltd will arrange a shipping collection for returned units unless otherwise stated by the customer.

2) If shipping is provided by Cambrionix Ltd – The cost of this will come off the refund.

3) Please return product, power supply, cables and plugs.

4) Goods can only be returned if they are still in Warranty and in a saleable condition.

5) Please ensure your unit/s) are in its original packaging and outer carton to ensure there is no transit damage.

6) Once unit/s are returned a “health check” will be completed by our manufacturer. If any damage is found, a percentage of your refund will be taken off dependent on damage.

7) A restocking fee of up to 25% may be applicable, depending on the size of the return and agreement with Cambrionix Ltd.