Cambrionix Connect

The next generation of software for device communication

Cambrionix Connect is our propriety software platform that allows you to monitor and manage mobile devices, tablets etc, via our USB hubs. Built from the ground up, it replaces our LiveViewer software and it contains all the features of our API, such as the ability to use remotely and with multiple devices simultaneously, saving time and money.

Cambrionix Connect is accessible through our web based app or you can download the desktop version

Cambrionix API

Manage your devices and our USB hubs with our open API

Take your hubs to the next level by allowing your development staff to integrate software or apps that connect with our hubs.

Organisations can build connectors for controlling workflow, including features such as accessing data of all connected devices, managing event logs, operating gates, fetch the USB Tree info, changing system settings, restarting devices, and more.

Cambrionix CLI

Control our USB hubs remotely via Command Line Instructions

Command Line Instructions (CLI) can also be used to control and monitor the functions of our USB hubs and attached devices over a VCP (Virtual COM Port).

In order to use the command line interface a serial terminal emulator must be installed on the host computer.

Cambrionix CLU

The Command Line Updater

The command line updater is a stand-alone application, for host computers connected to supported hardware, that provides the ability to update firmware that is released by Cambrionix.

This application simplifies the deployment of firmware, and the update experience whilst minimizing user interaction.

This application can also be used to update firmware without the need for installing any software, supporting runtime libraries or changes to the Host operating system.

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