Understand the three simple reasons why you should consider using our managed hubs for mobile device testing.

In a recent mobile app testing survey, 84 percent of QA organisations said they need to test on real devices in order to be successful.

Why use managed USB hubs for mobile device testing?

There are three simple reasons why you should consider using our managed hubs for mobile device testing.

1. Correct charging current

A good quality managed USB hub is essential as many devices have problems with charging if the charging current is not high enough. The USB specification ensures the output current is limited to 500mA when the USB port is on data mode but the best USB hubs on the market allow you to programmatically switch between data and charging modes allowing you to implement automatic charging cycles for devices that cannot be charged in USB data mode.

2. App performance

You can monitor the performance of the device battery charge/discharge when your Apps and software are running on the device. This enables testing to focus on the power consumption of Apps, something that can be critical to the App’s commercial success.

3. Manual and automated testing on real devices.
Do more testing in-house on real devices.

Manual testing on a number of devices locally enable you to explore how the app behaves on the device, how well the app conforms to the platform’s guidelines (Apple, Microsoft, and Google all have specific guidelines for apps on their platforms) and other areas such as notifications, whether data is properly saved locally and what happens in device power-saving mode.

For automated testing you can use Appium or Selenium in combination with our hubs.

  • Crank up your operational efficiency by up to 500%
  • Monitor, control and charge devices reliably and safely
  • Empower your dev team to create the best possible product
  • Comply with industry regulations and have one less thing to worry about
  • Cut costs, save on resources and free up your team’s time with an effective test lab
  • Get more real-world feedback using real devices for a greater degree of confidence
  • Dramatically scale up your QA efforts while slashing manual tasks

“Without a professional USB hub - I reckon we would need at least another two engineers, just to deal with the USB connectivity issues we used to have to manage."

Dave Piggott
Linaro LAVA Lab

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