Industrial, Programmable USB hubs

Industrial USB hubs  &  Professional USB hubs 

Powered, professional USB hubs for syncing,
charging and data transfer

Industrial, programmable USB hubs with USB2, USB3, Type-C (C hub), Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 3 connections and host ports.
Desktop and rackmount, server racks USB hubs.

Cambrionix's powered USB hubs were designed specifically to handle automation of USB in manufacturing environments and mobile device test labs as well as in OEM solutions. 

Often described as the best USB hub on the market, these programme usb hubs offer a range of features including: usb hub 3.0, usb c hub, type c hub, usb 3.1 hub, usb 2.0 hub, all within a multi-port usb hub design that ensures you can charge, sync, transfer data to usb devices with ease. Discover our range of usb hubs below and get in touch if you need any help.  

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