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Our software platforms allow you to monitor and manage mobile devices, tablets etc, via our industrial USB hubs.

With the flexibility of as an independent app, or an API to  into your software stack, our software allows to integrate data transfer and device charging processes in your workflow. 


Understand. Evaluate. Manage.
Peace of mind.

Manage and monitor what each device is doing exactly when you want to. Proprietary software developed by us, including an API for building your own apps for extra control and integration.

Monitor and manage devices locally or remotely. Develop an on-premise mobile device lab of real physical mobile devices that resides securely within your company’s VPN.

  • Capture device information (Serial number, Device ID, Vendor ID)
  • Capture instantaneous and cumulative current, power and voltage
  • Provide elapsed time on charge
  • Switch individual ports between charge, charge & sync, sync only and off
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Our software solutions

Cambrionix API

Cambrionix API.

The new API has been built from the ground up and is fully JSON-RPC compliant. It’s been designed to perform and provides a solid platform for future application development and has these features.


Simple app-based management

LiveViewer isn’t a ‘next version’. LiveViewer is new.

Recreated and built from the ground up for 2020.

This GUI takes all the data available from our new API in a graphical interface, which is ideal for a simple view of what’s happening with the devices.


Command Line Instructions

Command Line Instructions (CLI) can also be used to control and monitor the functions of Cambrionix USB hubs and attached devices over a VCP (Virtual COM Port).

Examples include
PuTTy, and Minicom

Firmware & updates

Firmware and driver updates. 

USB is ever evolving with new hardware and software that create new compatibility considerations.

Cambrionix is committed to staying on the cutting edge and improving our product functionality and compatibility.

For the best user experience we recommend to install the latest available firmware update to your hub or docking station.

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