5 ways our engineers are making life easier for you

Published on May 18, 2022 by Cambrionix
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We have a very clear mission here at Cambrionix: to help you charge, connect and manage the mobile technology in your organisation more easily. Everything we do is therefore designed to meet that objective.

Every month we provide an overview of some of the core activities our engineering team has been working on so you can see what that means in real terms. So without further ado, here are the 5 ways our engineers are making life easier for you this month.

Cambrionix Connect

As you know, the world is growing ever more connected, but also more flexible in its deployment. With more and more organisations introducing flexible and remote working options as a long-term standard, we understand that being able to operate, control and monitor your devices remotely will become an increasing priority for many of you.  

In many applications, such as software testing, hubs and phones will necessarily be shared, further driving the need for people to be able to share hardware and interact with it easily. Cambrionix Connect will allow for sharing from each person’s computer simply by using a web browser.

As you can imagine, getting everything ready for a smooth and scalable user experience requires a lot of preparation and groundwork, and we have been focused on this for some time. Progress is continuing within our software team to enable interaction via web browser with our hubs, without having to install any software and using the device of your choice, mobile or otherwise.

Since our previous update we’ve been able to establish secure communications between hubs and our software, and are moving on to designing and implementing the infrastructure necessary to provide user access control. That means you’ll be able to specify which users in your organisation have the access to interact with your hubs. There’s a lot to implement here, as there always is when talking about security, but we’ll update you where we are in our next update.

Cambrionix API User Manual

We’ve been working on simplifying the user manual for our API so that more of our customers can accomplish the goals they need when using our API quickly and easily.

We’re continuing to make further improvements on this document as we receive your feedback and questions. If you’re currently using our API, we always recommend downloading the latest document as it’s updated quite regularly.

Cambrionix LiveViewer

We’ve recently released the latest version of LiveViewer. Among several subtle improvements, we’ve been preparing for the ability to connect to remote hubs attached to other host systems.  There’s a hint of what’s to come in our settings area where you will see a list for API endpoints. Whilst you can’t yet connect your remote hubs (and only one is currently listed), this is all valuable preparation so that when our web browser-based interface is ready, LiveViewer will also be able to connect to all your hubs too.

Cambrionix API

We’ve also released an update to our API this month with all the latest enhancements and fixes. Check out the API section of our website to download the latest version and review the release notes. We’ll be following this up with further updates and improvements next month so watch this space.

Cambrionix Customer Feedback

We can’t overemphasise how helpful your feedback is. Thanks to your comments we have been able to prioritise projects like the remote access features of Cambrionix Connect, and our operations team continues to battle the global supply chain issues to keep products moving around the world. We aim to be responsive to your requests and promise we will always listen to your feedback so please – keep it coming!

About Cambrionix

Cambrionix is the leading provider of intelligent USB hubs for mass mobile device management. Cambrionix’s range of USB hubs, software and tools, support many of the world’s biggest businesses to succeed across a range of industries including hardware and software development, technology, logistics, education, healthcare and retail. 

You can click to find out more about Cambrionix’s USB hubs here and the Cambrionix Connect software here. 

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