Focus on security for remote access control


 Cambrionix April 2022.

  With remote access control being a big priority for customers and users, we’ve been doing a lot of work on this area



Engineering update:

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April 19  5 min read


Here are a few of the things we’ve been working on this month at Cambrionix

Engineering update: Focus on security for remote access control

With remote access control being a big priority for customers and users, we’ve been doing a lot of work on this area to ensure rigorous As always there are a number of ongoing areas we’re focusing on in the engineering team, with our focus firmly on security, functionality and usability.
Security and safety protocols are established to keep things on track, wherever you choose to control your devices from.

Cambrionix Software.

Progress is continuing within our software team to enable interaction via a web browser with our hubs, without having to install any software, and using the device of your choice, be it mobile or otherwise.
We’re currently working through the security aspect of the connections between the browser and our hubs to ensure all data passed between the two is robust and secure.
Once we’ve been able to secure connections between our hubs, we’ll be able to share more on the next steps of development so watch this space for updates. 

Command Line Interface Manual.

To help our customers make the most of the potential within Cambrionix hubs, we’ve been working on improving the command set documentation we provide.
We’ve already made significant improvements in the layout and content to make this easier to use. Further improvements on this document are underway and in the pipeline, as we receive your feedback and questions, so do please keep them coming – they make a big difference and really help us to prioritise the workstream.
If you’re currently using our CLI interface, we always recommend downloading the latest document as they do change regularly. 
Click here to download the latest document: Cambrionix CLI Manual

Cambrionix LiveViewer.

As part of our software development, we’ll be bringing exciting new capabilities that allow for LiveViewer to connect to hubs attached to remote hosts.
We’re working on securing the data connection between the host and LiveViewer and will be able to share more about this in our following newsletters so again, don’t forget to check back in the coming months to see how we’re getting on.
If this is a feature you’ve been looking to use, we’d love to hear more about your application and any specific functionality you’d like to see.
Let us know through our support desk: Contact Cambrionix Support

Cambrionix API.

We’ve released an update to our API this month with the latest enhancements and fixes.
Check out the API section of our website to download the latest version and review the release notes.

We’ll be following this up with further updates and improvements next month. 
Click here to check out our API section: Cambrionix API



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