Global trade needs local certification

Published on March 16, 2022 by Cambrionix
global trade

Ops update – Global Trade needs local certification

We love working with customers around the world. Part of successful partnerships with international markets is making sure we comply with local, and well as international, product standards.

Working with valued customers in India, for example, we have a specific set of certification requirements to fulfil before our products can be used. This involves submitting samples of each product for testing, where they are evaluated against the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) IS 13252(Part 1):2010/ IEC 60950-1 : standard. 

To date, our Thundersync3-16Supersync15 and Powerpad15S have been tested against IS 13252(Part 1):2010/ IEC 60950-1 and they have their own registration numbers displayed on their product rating label.  Evaluation against this standard ensures that products are designed with the underlying principles of safety in mind – which means that we not only consider the normal operating conditions of our products but also likely fault conditions, consequential faults, foreseeable misuse and external influences such as temperature, altitude, pollution, moisture, over-voltages on the power supply – to name a few.  
So where possible we aim to eliminate, reduce or guard against any electrical or fire hazard. 

Without registration against IS 13252, we would not be able to sell our Thundersync3-16, Supersync15 and Powerpad15S products in India and they would be destroyed when they are received at Customs.

We take the quality, safety and usability of our products extremely seriously. Even without such rigorous certification in international markets we would always ensure robust testing, but we hope our customers around the world find our focus on quality standards reassuring.

We will always work collaboratively with our customers to meet all the necessary requirements to help them best serve their domestic markets with the best quality products. Making sure we are fully aware of all the certification and quality control requirements in any given country help ensure a smooth and successful trading partnership, avoiding unnecessary delay or waste at any part of the procurement process.

global trade

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