You asked, we listened – the engineering round-up

Published on July 19, 2022 by Emma Price

We’ve been hard at work over the last six months bringing your feedback and requests to life.

We’re halfway through 2022 and to say it’s been busy is an understatement. For the past six months, our engineering team has been working hard to focus on further supporting our customers through improved documentation, new software, added functionality, and of course, new products that you’ve been asking us for.   

Our documentation has gone through significant changes to make it easier and faster to achieve your goals. We’ve been listening to your feedback and as a result, both our command-line interface (CLI) and application programming interface (API) documents have now been updated. We’re confident that with these improvements, you’ll now find it easier than ever to make the most of your smart hub. Of course, we’re not finished yet as we’re continually adding new functionality each month so watch this space! 

Cambrionix Connect

We’re also excited about the soon-to-be-released web application, Cambrionix Connect, that we’ve been developing. In our last update on our progress, we said we were building out our infrastructure and working on providing granular user access. Our team has been working hard; we’ve now built the essential infrastructure and have built the mechanisms to sign into the application using several forms of secure authentication.  

Our next goal with Cambrionix Connect is to be able to store your hub’s connection information and settings in the cloud so that when you log in from different locations, you’ll get the same great experience across all your devices. And, of course, it goes without saying that security is extremely important and an area that we take seriously.  One of the biggest challenges we are working on is analysing all our code and reviewing infrastructure to ensure Cambrionix Connect will be entirely secure.

Other improvements

While we’re working on the new web application, we’re also making improvements to LiveViewer, our desktop application, so it provides a seamless experience regardless of how you interact with your hubs.

We’ve already made significant changes underneath and improved the user interface, which users of LiveViewer will have already noticed.   

New functionality has also been introduced through new firmware and an updated API. As new USB hosts and controllers have been released, we’ve been updating our support for these where standard hubs may not be able to function correctly. Cambrionix smart hubs are unique in that we can change the hub behaviour as needed. Check out the latest firmware releases to see what we have updated.  

As many customers will have seen announcements with regards to further adoption of USB type-c as a standard, we’ve also released our new desktop charger this year, the ThunderSync3-C10. Our engineers have specifically developed this product with the ability to add lots of new innovative features and functionality. We’re already working on new functionality which we hope to bring to you soon.    

There’s a lot of activity at Cambrionix and will bring you further updates in our next newsletter update.

Please keep your feedback coming – we love to hear from you and it’s the very best way for us to know what you need.

About Cambrionix

Cambrionix is the leading provider of intelligent USB hubs for mass mobile device management. Cambrionix’s range of USB hubs, software and tools, support many of the world’s biggest businesses to succeed across a range of industries including hardware and software development, technology, logistics, education, healthcare and retail. 

You can click to find out more about Cambrionix’s USB hubs here and the Cambrionix Connect software here. 

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