Supply chain update: in it for the long haul

Published on November 12, 2021 by Emma Price
Supply Chain

Global Logistics Crisis

Tl;dr – we’re a long way from being out of the woods so let’s pull together.

There’s not much sugar-coating it: in the context of global logistics chaos, our supply chain issues are expected to remain until the middle of 2022 at the earliest.

In our last post, we outlined our strategy for product availability: working with our CEMs to place longer term orders, kitting of some products for added flexibility and procurement of components to support manufacturing and adding to our global logistics network.

We continue to do everything we can to keep as many products on the shelf and available for you today as possible.

However, despite these efforts, we are also seeing some members of the supply chain not being able to fulfil their supply agreements with our CEMs which is starting to impact the availability and lead time of some products, and potentially their cost.

The supply / availability issues that we are encountering also introduce additional challenges like obtaining quotes for our products, so we request that you please bear with us when you are waiting for a quote as we really are doing our best to estimate in a continually changing environment.

We thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding; we totally understand the frustration this can cause and assure you we are doing absolutely everything we can to minimise the impact on you.

How can you play a part in the recovery?

We know it all sounds quite negative, but despite the doom and gloom we are hopeful that things will start to improve next year.

In the meantime, you can help by telling us about your needs for 2022/2023 then we can ensure that we can work together to deliver them.

The further ahead you can predict your requirements, the more likely it will be that we can meet those needs. We’d be very happy to talk through your plans so please do get in touch – the more information we have about the longer-term future, the better prepared we can be to deliver what you need.

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