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Published on February 13, 2022 by Cambrionix

Provisioning with Cambrionix. Everything you ever wanted to know about provisioning (but were afraid to ask)

Working with technology day in, day out, it’s easy to forget that the terminology we use can become a barrier.

As with any specialist sector, we have our own language, and we know it can be confusing.

We also appreciate that not everyone we work with needs – or wants – to know the nitty gritty of the behind-the-scenes tech itself.

Mostly, you just want to know how our products can help your business, your customers or your people (or all three), and why you should bother using them. Simple.

Ironically, provisioning actually relates to this exact concept – the idea of simplifying complex requirements to a very user-friendly, efficient process.

So what is provisioning?

In a nutshell, provisioning is the process of setting up a device in a way that makes it ready for data to be transferred to it or from it, giving the user access to the systems, software or networks they need.

For example, when a new team member joins, they might be issued their company phone, iPad or laptop. The device needs to be correctly set up with the appropriate security, data integrations and network access to let them do their job correctly and safely. That’s where provisioning comes in.

It’s not necessarily a difficult process, but it can be time-consuming, depending on the complexity of set-up.

And when you consider the scale of operation that many businesses require provisioning to be done at, device management efficiency becomes more than a nice-to-have – it’s an absolute imperative.

Why do I need to know about provisioning with Cambrionix?

If you’re a business dealing with multiple devices and users, you’ll know all too well how much time it can take to provision those devices correctly.

In our increasingly technology-driven world, fast and easy provisioning is rapidly becoming an essential business service.

If you have an in-house IT team, chances are they have more urgent things to be doing than spending all day setting up devices for users. And if you’re dealing with large quantities, you don’t want to have to employ thousands of people just to set the tech up right. The scale involved can be really prohibitive, so having a fast all-in-one charging, connection and management process in place is essential.

If you don’t have an IT team working in-house, then it’s even more of an issue, and you’ll want to outsource the process – without incurring ridiculous charges for the privilege. Time is almost always of the essence in business, whichever sector you’re in, and without the right systems in place, provisioning can be a big drain on resource.

How can we help you?

Cambrionix hubs make the process of provisioning multiple devices quick and easy. It’s possible to get up to 96 devices ready simultaneously, cutting the time required enormously.

Our hubs can also be used for devices which are regularly changing hands, such as in retail, education, event or medical environments, ensuring safe data transfer and privacy regulations are all upheld for rapid, secure, recurrent deployment.

Our software helps make the process simple, while our high-quality, high speed hardware slashes the time required for provisioning multiple devices.

How much time can a Cambrionix hub save?

In a recent example shared by a client of ours, we were told how it took two IT staff an entire day to provision just two devices.

Using our ThunderSync USB hubs, the same client was able to provision more than 90 devices in the space of a few minutes. Once you start extending that to the many thousands of devices they needed to provision, the time saving stretched into months if not more.

We are here to provide simple, agile solutions that work for you, helping you change, connect and manage your mobile devices faster and more efficiently.

About Cambrionix

Cambrionix is the leading provider of intelligent USB hubs for mass mobile device management. Cambrionix’s range of USB hubs, software and tools, support many of the world’s biggest businesses to succeed across a range of industries including hardware and software development, technology, logistics, education, healthcare and retail. 

You can click to find out more about Cambrionix’s USB hubs here and the Cambrionix Connect software here. 

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