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Engineering Update: ease of use is a massive part of what we aim to offer customers


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October 15   3 min read


Using any new product for the first time can be a challenge, especially when it comes with a whole heap of software. That’s why we’ve been doing lots of in LiveViewer and our API to make it even easier.  


There’s nothing worse than trying to get that first software program running; you might get something wrong right off the blocks and never know what happened. To help get started with our products and write the first program, we’ve created a bunch of new “Getting Started” examples in various programming languages.


And it’s not always easy using a product for the first time and having to learn a whole new set of commands.

So, in LiveViewer we’ve added a bunch of intelligent prompts that will automatically appear as you type to help.

We can’t write scripts for you, but it helps reduce the early days guess work!


When it comes to complex commands needed to get the information from our products, sometimes it’s just easier to see how we do it!

Help buttons have been added to LiveViewer so when you want to copy what we’ve done all you have to do is press the help buttons and we show you exactly how to do it. Of course, everyone appreciates fast and responsive software.

And from time to time, it needs to be refactored. (For the uninitiated, that’s when code that’s evolved over time needs a bit of tidying.)

LiveViewer and our API have just gone through a bit of refactoring. It still functions just the same but is now neater, tidier, faster, and it’s easier for us to add more great functions.

You’ll undoubtedly notice the subtle improvements on the user end - but even more if you looked inside.


Our engineers and developers are always busy, but to make sure we’re working on the stuff that’s important to YOU, we’d appreciate your feedback.

Just click here to let us know if you’ve got a bright idea about new features, or want to talk through an issue you’ve uncovered.


Keeping it simple

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