Software to make mobile device management simpler

Published on September 15, 2022 by Cambrionix

Software to make mobile device management simpler

So you’ve got your high-speed, smart USB hubs and you’re ready to start managing your mobile device pool. But how do you do that? Isn’t it complicated?

Behind the scenes, yes, it’s complicated. But because we know that it’s not just developers using our products, we have developed specialist software to make managing our smart USB hubs much easier.

We do this in two ways. Firstly there is the Cambrionix API, which is software designed by developers, for developers, to help integrate with your tech stack. Secondly, we have recently developed LiveViewer, which takes all the data from the API and presents it in an easy-to-use, graphical format (think phone app style), to help you manage, update and control your USBs and devices more simply.

Let’s explore that in a bit more depth.

What is an API?

For those of you who don’t necessarily need to know this stuff ordinarily, we thought we’d give a quick explanation. ­­­

An API (which stands for Application Programming Interface) is essentially the means by which different computer programs speak to each other. They are used to save developers huge amounts of time, reducing the amount of code they need to create and making certain functions or processes consistent and quick. APIs can help to process and control both hardware and software resources.

You might think of them as a short-cut to performing certain functions – or a set of building blocks. If you were building an app for an iPhone, for example, and wanted it to include a timer function, search function or perhaps a web browser, you could use existing APIs provided by Apple (or its partners) to do those things rather than coding them yourself from scratch.

At Cambrionix, our developers have created the API by which you can control and manage your USB hubs easily and effectively. It saves time by making it easier for you to manage your mobile device pool from a computer en masse, rather than having to charge, check, provision or manage each device individually.


The Cambrionix API

Our software is designed to increase your productivity. It’s designed for developers, by developers, and allows you to monitor and manage mobile devices, tablets etc via our smart USB hubs.

The Cambrionix API gives you the flexibility of an independent app, integrating into your stack to enable data transfer, device charging and much more in your workflow.

Designed from the ground up to perform consistently and provide a solid platform for future application development, the Cambrionix API is fully JSON-RPC compliant. It’s faster than ever, provides easy detection whenever a device is attached, and provides smooth transitions, with demo scripts supplied for major features. You’ll find that existing API scripts just work – without the need to be modified.

It is designed specifically to make it easier and quicker to integrate Cambrionix smart USBs with your favourite platforms, tools or internal services for testing, monitoring, managing and development. It has been developed to support the latest technologies, including additional feature improvements for USB3 and Thunderbolt, as well as plenty of customised and brand-new features to make both everyday and advanced functions significantly easier.

To find out more about the Cambrionix API and to download it, just click here: The Cambrionix API


LiveViewer is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) which essentially takes all the data from the API and presents it in a simple, graphics-based format to make it easier to perform standard tasks like updates.

It can tell you what software your USB uses and present updates ready to install with a single click so it’s easier than ever to keep them up to date.

You can also:

  • Check battery health and device charging status and performance
  • Check devices’ battery capacity to both receive and hold their charge
  • Monitor control speed and switch simply between charging and syncing
  • Find mobile devices’ important info, such as IMEI, OS version, manufacturing details and more
  • Collate device data into one visual dashboard for simpler monitoring and management
  • Filter devices by name or type or you can rename the hubs to suit your needs

To find out more about LiveViewer or to install it, just click here: LiveViewer

Working hard to make customers’ lives easier

Creating advanced technologies which are simple to use is not easy – but hopefully you’ll find that our software is exactly that. Everything we do is designed to make our customers’ lives simpler, making it easier to harness the full power of the technology at their fingertips.

With the imminent arrival of Cambrionix Connect, we are excited about the world-class features and functions we are developing for you. As always, we welcome feedback and ideas, so please do keep it coming!

About Cambrionix

Cambrionix is the leading provider of intelligent USB hubs for mass mobile device management. Cambrionix’s range of USB hubs, software and tools, support many of the world’s biggest businesses to succeed across a range of industries including hardware and software development, technology, logistics, education, healthcare and retail. 

You can click to find out more about Cambrionix’s USB hubs here and the Cambrionix Connect software here. 

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