Engineering updates, features and known issues (January 2022)

Engineering Update:

January 2022

Here’s our latest roundup of the updates, features and known issues.


Engineering Update

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January 16  3 min read

Updates, features and known issues 

Updates, features and known issues:
January 2022

Engineering updates Cambrionix: one of the great advantages of cloud software is that it’s constantly being updated and improved.
At Cambrionix we are always working on those subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) enhancements that add up to big differences in your usage experience.

Whether it’s making individual processes faster, reducing download speeds or adding exciting new functions, we don’t sit still for long around here!

Here’s our latest roundup of the updates, features and known issues.

Recent API release 3.0.2, software changes:

  • A significant refactor that improves reliability and responsiveness, resolving subtle issues encountered in specific cases.
  • Serial communication to USB hubs are now closed immediately when the API is not in use, enabling user applications to use the CLI whilst the API is also installed.
  • Much faster USB tree scanning, which is crucial for responsiveness when devices are added or removed, enabling faster hub connections.

Upcoming January API software update

  • The API will provide additional information for connected USB flash drives, enabling users to identify mount points or drive letters for drives connected to hub ports.

Upcoming January LiveViewer software update:

  • LiveViewer has had an overhaul to pave the way for more exciting functionality, which will be coming soon.
  • The size of the download has been reduced by 30%, making deployment faster.

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Engineering updates Cambrionix

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Engineering updates Cambrionix