Testing, Testing, 1,2,3: Cambrionix Connect

Cambrionix Connect enters a new phase of development

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September 15  2 min read

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3:
Cambrionix Connect enters a new phase of development

In recent months we’ve been keeping you updated about the progress we’re making on our cloud-based web application, Cambrionix Connect, the application that will enable you to interact with our smart hubs through your favourite browser, using any device from any location.

A huge amount has been accomplished in this project already, and we’re getting closer to making further details available in our first formal release – so please do watch this space.

Today, however, we’re making the application available in its Beta form in a testing phase where we invite you to use the application with hubs connected to your local computer. This Beta phase enables us to evaluate the application's performance and carry out further testing of Connect with all our smart hubs, which we will be testing across many different network types and sizes.    

One of our aims with Connect was to make managing Cambrionix smart hubs at any time from any location a possibility. And we’ve been pushing the limits of that goal already. We’ve even been checking to see how easy it would be to monitor the status of some of our hubs on the move. Our latest testing was onboard an aircraft halfway across the Atlantic, proving you can manage our smart hubs from just about anywhere!

Location when testing

Home screen showing connection and hub status

Want to give it a try?

To join Beta testing Cambrionix Connect, navigate to  connect.cambrionix.com using your browser, ensuring you have our latest API installed.

During this Beta phase, you’ll only be able to manage smart hubs connected to your local computer. However, in our formal releases that follow, you’ll then be able to talk to us about remote access and details on our licensing models. More about licensing will be announced as part of our formal release.

To learn how to manage smart hubs on your local computer, and to see what else will be possible with Connect, refer to our Connect User Manual.

While in this Beta phase, we welcome suggestions for feature requests and any feedback on issues you encounter, which you can send to us using our support desk.

Thank you in advance for your help and support – the more robustly testing is carried out in this phase, the better we can make the final product and the smoother its launch and rollout will be.

Let’s get started!

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